Best Paper Awards

Springer LNSC has kindly offered 1000 euro sponsorships for the Best Paper Awards.

Four Best Paper Awards (Sponsored by Springer) have been awarded to:  

1). Dynamic Community Detection Algorithm Based On Automatic Parameter Adjustment (by Kai Lu, Xin Wang and Xiaoping Wang)

2). Multi-output LSSVM-Based Forecasting Model for Mid-term Interval Load Optimized by SOA and Fresh Degree Function (by Huiting Zheng, Jiabin Yuan and Chang Zhao)

3). Optimization of Grover's Algorithm Simulation Based on Cloud Computing (by Xuwei Tang, Juan Xu and Ye Zhou)

4). Towards Spectral-Texture Approach to Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Plant Classification (by Ali AlSuwaidi, Bruce Grieve and Hujun Yin)