Local Attractions in GuiLin

Guilin is a world famous tourist city where there are more than 30 noted scenic spots. Guilin is also a renowned historical and cultural city with 2000 years of history and a famous tourist city, which has a great number of ancient cultural relics.

  • Elephant Trunk Hill

    Elephant Trunk Hill, which is also just called Elephant Hill, is located at the confluence of Peach Blossom and Lijiang Rivers. This place is Guilin's emblem. The hill is made up of pure limestone deposited in the bottom of the sea 360 million years ago.There is a water moon cave between the elephant trunk and the legs resembling a bright moon floating on the water. This is the famous scene“Water Moon of Elephant Hill”integrating the clear hill, beautiful water, fantastic cave, charming rocks and reflection into one beautiful image.
  • LI River

    The poetic and picturesque Li River originates in Mountain Mao’er (Cat) at Xin’an county about 80 km in the northeast of Guilin. It winds and meanders its way for 170 kilometers, passing through Guilin, Yangshuo to the outlet of Gongchen river in Pingle county and then joins the Xi River, which is the upper reaches of Pearl River. The 83-km-long section from Guilin to Yangshuo has the best scenery and is the masterpiece of Li River, decorated with rolling hills, steep cliffs, fantastic caves, leisurely boats and lined bamboos, which constitute a fascinating hundred-kilometer picture gallery. Gorgeous Karst pinnacles give you surprises at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky. Its banks are covered with lush bamboo and luxuriantly green woods.
  • The Silver Rock

    The cave is a typical karst topography, a floor-style cave known as the "wonders of the world's cave." Inside the cave there are a collection stalactites of different geological ages, sparkling like the night sky and under the tilt of the Milky Way, blinking out like silver, shining like diamonds, so called “Inside dozens of attractions”.
  • The West Street

    The West Street located in yangshuo county of Guilin is also called “ ‘Foreigners’ Street”, because many foreigners are traveling and living here. Many olds witnessed the changes of yangshuo in recent 70 years. West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years located at the center of Yangshuo. Since 1980, more and more foreigners came to china, and yangshuo was a favorite attraction for foreign travelers to the area. Many of them fell in love with this little town, Choosing to stay on and build their lives here. There is a saying about West Street that “half is village while the other half is stores”. many foreigners have opened shops, bars and restaurants along the West Yangshuo Street. All in all, over 20 shops in the community are owned and managed by foreigners.
  • Guilin Rice Noodle

    Guilin Rice Noodle is the famous kind of food that has been the local breakfast staple since the Qin Dynasty and is renowned for its delicate taste. Legend has it that when Qin troops suffering from diarrhea entered this region, a cook created the Guilin rice noodles for the army because they had trouble eating the local specialty is noodles with horse meat, but this dish now is usually ordered with pork.