The venue for IDEAL 2017 conference will be the Ronghu Lake Hotel (Click in), which is located in 16 North Ronghu Road (Ronghu Bei Lu),Guangxi, Guilin, China.

Guilin Ronghu Lake Hotel was founded in 1953 and built in villa style, which is located in bustling downtown Guilin on the west bank of tourist favorite Ronghu Lake. Around the hotel are many extraordinary hills and attractive small lakes, verdant bamboo trees and weeping willows. On the other side of the lake, are the famous scenic spots - the Ancient South City Gate and Thousand-year-old Banyan Tree. It only takes you 10 minutes walking from the hotel to the railway station, with this advantage of geographical location it brings an unique inhabiting experience of nature and comfort but also without losing convenience.

The gate of Ronghu Lake Hotel

The lobby of Ronghu Lake Hotel

Qiuyun meeting room in Ronghu Lake Hotel

The beautiful evening in Ronghu Lake Hotel